Education - Tekamah, Nebraska


The Tekamah-Herman Public School system consists of two elementary schools, a junior high and high school which serves 269 square miles in Burt and Washington Counties. Enrollment for 2002-2003 was 626 students. The average teacher student ratio is one teacher to every 16 students.

Core college ACT test comparisons show Tekamah-Herman scoring at 23.9 compared to the state at 22.6, and the nation at 21.8. The graduation rate as of 2001-2002 is 96 percent with 90 percent enrolling in post-secondary education. The average daily attendance in school is 96.16 percent. To view a homepage created by the high school students visit

Parents with school age children should contact Kevin Nolan, Superintendent of Schools, Tekamah-Herman Public Schools, 112 No. 13th Street, Tekamah, Nebraska 68061, (402) 374-2157, e-mail: for additional information regarding enrollment.

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